Asparron Capital prefers to make control-stake private equity investments ranging from $2 million to $15 million. While Asparron will consider investments in a diverse range of industries, our primary focus is on health care, consumer products, light manufacturing, service businesses and specialty retail companies. Of particular interest are small businesses that may be family owned or owned by an individual and where the current owner seeks to pass on the business to someone who will preserve it and work with its employees to grow the business. Asparron does not invest in real estate, start-ups or biotechnology.

Asparron works in partnership with management teams to increase the fundamental value of a company by developing and executing growth strategies and leveraging our investment experience, operating skills and relationship network. Asparron provides management and employees the opportunity to build their businesses as owners in entrepreneurial settings where they can share in the rewards and have the autonomy to take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

Asparron has a network of key relationships among co-investors, financial intermediaries, industry contacts, and executives and managers to assist portfolio companies in developing industry customers and partners and in assessing and completing complimentary acquisitions.


In October, 2009 Asparron Capital acquired the assets of Cosmetic Specialties, Inc., an Oxnard, California, manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly packaging, including custom injection molded jars, closures, liners and cosmetic pencils primarily for the cosmetics industry. A new company, Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC, was formed to work with the existing management to grow the business.